Decatique Studios is a family owned service that has been serving Chicago since 2013. We have nearly 40 years in buying, collecting and selling vintage and antiques. We love and enjoy what we do.

About the owner

“Passion and experience make us great partners to have while going through the Estate Sales experience.”

Specializing in assisting individuals, families, and estates to turn the personal property into cash.

We do our best to make the experience as stress-free and pleasurable as possible for you and your family.

We give you and your loved one’s items the attention they deserve by only organizing one or two estates at a time.

Estate Services

Over the years we have conducted:

  • Estate Sales

  • Moving Sales

  • Consignment Sales

  • Downsizing Sales

  • Liquidation Sales

  • Clean Outs

Overlooked Items

You may have something far more wonderful than you realize. Here are some of the items we’ve uncovered.

Believe it or not

Truly Free Consultation

We know these circumstances are not normal for most people, and that our experience will help you through them smoothly. With that in mind our consultation may include a “start to finish” analysis depending on your needs:

  • Looking over the contents of the home and providing insights.
  • Strategizing on particular items to maximize the proceeds.
  • Further insight with clean up, attorneys, consignments, or elderly needs.