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We specialize in assisting individuals, families, and estates to turn the personal property into cash.

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Decatique Studios is a family owned service that has been serving Chicago since 2013. We have nearly 40 years in buying, collecting and selling vintage and antiques. We love and enjoy what we do.

About the owner


“Our passion, expertise, and personal approach ensure a high quality, smooth, and compassionate estate sale experience.”

By focusing on just one or two estates at a time, we ensure you and your estate receive the undivided attention they deserve.

With us, you can expect:

  1. Extensive experience in identifying and highlighting valuable pieces
  2. Comprehensive support in planning, organizing, and executing the sale
  3. Transparent communication throughout the process

By organizing one estate sale at at time, each client earns our undivided attention

  • An overall more attentive, helpful, and giving hand in the otherwise difficult process of managing an estate sale
  • More care in setting expectations, planning, organizing the items, and staging the sale
  • More time to review the estate and most importantly, identify and research key items to maximize value
  • Improved planning and execution of photography, pre-sales, and public announcements
Decatique Studios Estate Sales and Liquidators Review

Your items receive our full attention, and benefit from decades of buying and selling.

Each Sale Benefits From In-Depth Research and Item Knowledge
Every estate sale is unique, so we take the time to carefully examine each item, research its history and value, and stage your sale to maximize its potential.

Our expertise is built on a genuine, long-standing passion for antiques, jewelry, furniture, art, and other treasures. This deep knowledge and experience sets us apart from other estate sale services.

Our Estate Sale Services

  • Estate Sales

  • Moving Sales

  • Consignment Sales

  • Downsizing Sales

  • Liquidation Sales

  • Clean Outs

Past Chicago Area Estate Sales

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Mike Jodrey
Mike Jodrey
I can’t say enough about Diane and Ivan! When it comes to an estate sale and you want to make sure things are done right and taken care of in way where you know you can trust that it will be handled at a professional level, Decatique is the team you want. I 100% would put them up against any other team and without a doubt know they would be better!
Fred Zalcman
Fred Zalcman
When my father passed away, my brother and I were left with a daunting problem – how to respectfully dissolve my parents’ estate, the result of a lifetime of collecting by two people with eclectic interests and unbounded appetite. Every room of the house was filled with their wide-ranging accumulation of fine paintings, antique furniture, Americana, Asian pottery, (drawers and drawers full of) costume jewelry and, yes, junk. How to separate the wheat from the chaff – maximize the returns on the really good stuff, while getting rid of the clutter? Enter the husband and wife team of Decatique. I knew they were the right team when the Decatique team first came to the house to assess the situation, and Diane broke down in tears at the sight of my father’s costume jewelry collection. Here was a kindred spirit, and I knew then that she’d put her heart and soul into the project. Ivan brought to bear his organizational skills and artistic eye, developing a game plan for how to incrementally display the household items in a way to make them most presentable and non-overwhelming over 5 days of in-person sales! Where Diane and Ivan lacked subject matter expertise on the value of the items, they reached out to their network of specialists to get a reliable and definitive opinion. For high value items, they worked with outside auction houses at no extra fee. For seemingly mundane items, they had a Rolodex of customers with niche interests that they tapped. They kept the family engaged and informed of progress throughout the process, and handled everything with great sensitivity and care. They went above and beyond in securing the house, making sure that the house was safeguarded when they were away and during the sale. Diane and Ivan make much of the fact that they only deal with one customer at a time, and it shows in terms of the attention to detail paid and results. In the end, 98% of the contents of the house was addressed, a result that we all marvel at. In short, I don’t know what we would have done without Decatique and would highly commend them to anyone looking for an estate agent.
Mark Zalcman
Mark Zalcman
Ivan and Diane were true professionals-- knowledgeable, hard-working, and personable. They never cut corners and kept our family informed about everything. I truly recommend you give them a call to see if they can help with your estate sale.
John Weiszmann
John Weiszmann
Ivan and Dianne are great people. They came over to my house to discuss an estate sale upon meeting them they were friendly and were on time for our appointment. They were very honest about the items in my house they were upfront about how they do there business and are not looking to rip anyone off. Others that offer Estate sales have what's called a set up fee Ivan and Dianne do not . Anyone who encounter's a business that wants a set up fee stay away. I never had an estate sale and Ivan and Dianne are the ones too call. Honest and friendly people. They will work with you and try to do what's best for both parties. I will be using them for there service and you should to. Give them a call you will not be disappointed
ted thomas
ted thomas
If you're in need of an estate service, your only choice should be Decatique Studios. Ivan and Diane are phenomenal people to work with when you're going through a difficult time when you are dissolving your families estate. They bring their vast knowledge, amazing contacts, their, organizational skills, compassion, and above all their trustworthiness. They are very accommodating and will work around your schedule. Another unique insight that Ivan and Diane offer, is that they only do one job at a time so their concentration is totally on your project. They will painstakingly go through every item and create a plan, research, and price the item so you receive maximum valve. In the end after working with Ivan and Diane, you will find yourself becoming friends with them because of their personalities and genuineness. Thank you Ivan, Diane, and your crew
Jacob Peers
Jacob Peers
Very positive experience, thank you so much. Hope to see you soon. C.
Karen Dunn
Karen Dunn
Having an estate sale for a home your family lived in for 96 years is a daunting experience. Ivan and Diane of Decatique Studios were the perfect people to help me through it. Both of them are a joy to work with...upbeat, knowledgeable, respectful and hard working. I am so happy I engaged them to help me through this enormous task. Everything from the first appraisal to final clean-up was done seamlessly and took a huge burden from me. I'm not planning on going through another estate sale anytime soon but I would hire Ivan and Diane in a heartbeat.
Sue Howard
Sue Howard
Diane was very down to earth when I attended a recent estate sale. Her whole crew was more than helpful. This is not the first sale I have attended and I always find something interesting. She has a tell it like it is attitude and couldn't have been nicer to my friends and I. I am looking forward to her next sale! And I second what another person added, Diane and Ivan are FUNNY people. Refreshing!
William Little
William Little
Excellent people, very reasonable and overall super nice folks.

It was such a great relief to get connected with Diane & Ivan at a time of complete overwhelm and not even knowing where to begin with generations of family belongings. Ivan & Diane were able to relieve me of a heavy burden with their totally eclectic knowledge and research abilities to uncover the pearls of value in a sea of belongings and the right markets for resale. Beyond that, I have really appreciated Ivan & Diane’s integrity and have enjoyed working with them personally. Thanks so much for all your help in tough times Diane & Ivan, stay safe!!!

Karen, 2020

After the sale, a couple of people asked me if I’d use Decatique Studios again. “You bet your sweet ass I would,” I responded. Not only that, I’d only use Decatique Studios on any future sales. They take their job seriously, they sweat over every object and detail, and they are honest. If I have another sale, I hope and pray that they are available, and I wouldn’t care if they wanted 50%. The sale was such a huge success and worked out so well that I can’t stop telling folk about it.

Gale, 2020

Ivan is the best. In the Chicagoland area when it comes to finding a trustworthy estate sale company to sell your valuables there are few as smart as Ivan and Diane in their approach to hosting a sale. We purchase from all over the state and work with many estate sale companies… Not all are created equal. Decatique is special. They possess the skills required to quickly and efficiently host your sale. Some companies just don’t have what it takes. They do!

Nadia “Madge” and Marty, 2019

Overlooked Items

We take pride in our knowledge of rare, unique, and collectable items, and love researching the history and value of these hidden treasures.

Believe it or not

Truly Free Consultation

We know these circumstances are not normal for most people, and that our experience will help you through them smoothly. With that in mind our consultation may include a “start to finish” analysis depending on your needs:

  • Looking over the contents of the home and providing insights.
  • Strategizing on particular items to maximize the proceeds.
  • Further insight with clean up, attorneys, consignments, or elderly needs.